Sewer line repairs

​What Could Possibly Affect Your Sewer Lines?

Your sewer lines could be cracked, offset, collapsed, or broken: once your pipes shift from the original positions either because of settling, shifting soil or frozen ground, one of the listed problems can happen at anytime.

  • Blockage: Foreign objects deposited or dumped into your sewer lines or grease buildup could cause some blockages restricting normal cleaning or flow of sewage through the pipes.
  • Pipe corrosion: your pipes may be broken in the course of time and as a result keeps normal flow of sewage through the sewage lines or drains. This means they need replacement.
  • Bellied pipe: part of the pipe may sink into the ground due to the soil condition. This mostly happens when there’s a pipe leakage that is collecting sewage materials within the pipe and not allowing it to flow freely.
  • Leaking pipe joints: this could be a result of broken pipe seals causing water to flow out into the surrounding areas. Once this is noticed, please, don’t wait. Contact us immediately.
  • Root growth in drain lines: do you plant any trees or shrubs around your home?  Once the roots get into your sewer lines, they could force the pipes to break or split the normal fittings, leading to leaks.

If you suspect that you have any of these issues, it is very important that you call a licensed plumber as soon as possible to get the repairs done.  Avoiding them could cause significant damage to your home and also can lead to health risks for your family.  Call us today at 903-236-8893 or 469-722-5464.

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